School Integration

Full School Integration in the UK and US for individuals and groups (11-18 yrs)

Full School Integration in the UK and US for individuals and groups (11-18 yrs)

This programme is perfect for individual students or school groups who want to live the life of a British or American teenager for a short period. For Group Leaders and parents, this is an ideal opportunity for students to improve their English and understand the UK state or US public school systems.

Students will “buddy” up with teenagers and follow exactly the same curriculum for the whole school day, for a period of 1–7 weeks during the academic year. They will participate in classes with other students, follow all the lessons in English as well as enjoying the opportunity to chat with them in a more relaxed setting at lunchtime. Group Leaders accompanying the students are welcome to stay at school during classes and sports.

Accommodation & Locations

The programme includes half-board accommodation (full-board at weekends) with carefully selected host families located close to the school. We have numerous locations where we can offer this programme:

  • UK – Dorset, Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Cheshire
  • USA – Boston, New Jersey, Ohio

We will advise you of the availability for the dates you have chosen. Students will be fully immersed in either the British or American way of life, enjoying a truly memorable learning experience.

Typical School Day

Many schools start the day with an “Assembly” i.e. where the whole school meets together in the hall with the teachers. Important announcements are made during this first 30-45 minutes of the school day. Students will then be divided into smaller numbers and will join their English “buddies” in classes, taking part in everyday school life. e.g. Geography, English, History lessons, etc. This could involve playing sports, studying IT, learning a Shakespeare play or discovering British or American cookery! Students will receive a lunch allowance to choose a hot or cold meal according to their wishes. Afternoon school follows the same pattern as the morning and when the final bell sounds, students will return to their host families or hotel. All British students wear “school uniform” and international groups would be expected to wear school colours. School uniform is mandatory in UK Schools and students will be expected to wear the school colours up to 6th Form.

School Integration Fees:

UK = £750 per week

US = $980 per week

School Integration fees include:

  • accommodation (half-board in host family)
  • lunch allowance for meal at school
  • full school integration – 5 days per week
  • school tie or scarf (UK schools)
  • 24 hour support from Local Organiser
  • full school integration – 5 days per week

Please contact us for a group availability and prices.

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